(Deutsch) (English) Justus von Liebig and the Birth of Modern Biochar

par Kelpie Wilson

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4 Le Responses pour “(Deutsch) (English) Justus von Liebig and the Birth of Modern Biochar””

  1. Dolph Cooke
    Titre: Charmaster

    Bravo Kelpie

    Biochar is a revolution

    Well done

    Charmaster Dolph Cooke

  2. Post-Modern Moonshots | VantageWire

    [...] Wilson provided a little-known piece of the history of biochar in the story of Justus von Liebig and the evolution of the theory of humus. Most fascinating was a vignette of the argument between [...]

  3. Steven e

    A well laid out article. I did a fairly extensive review of 19th century writings on using charcoal as a soil amendment in Europe and North America in May 2012, which includes many, if not all, of the references on biochar that you cite.


  4. Xu Zhao
    Titre: Associate Prof. Dr.

    Black biochar, green revolution!
    The optimal thermal energy for efficient and easy BC production, appropriate methods for application need to be addressed. These issues represent a bottleneck for large-scale BC use, especially in developing countries.

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