(Deutsch) Klimaneutral 2018

by Hans-Peter Schmidt

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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One Responses to “(Deutsch) Klimaneutral 2018””

  1. Luis Rosado

    Dear Hans-Peter Schmidt, Ithaka Institute

    I am Luis Rosado, from The Dominican Republic. Now Í write You as an Individual person not as a company. I have Worked as Consultant for about 40 years. But Now I would like to talk to you as a person Very Concerned about Climate Change, and What Can be Done. My country shares a small Island with Haití. Too many people in a small land. Both, Dominican and Haití depend on IMPORTED Fosile fuels for energy supply. Here Very few are concerned with with what MUST be Done in the near Future to Transition out of Fosile fuels.

    I have been following Your Work for several years. You are doing a GREAT job on BIOCHAR. I just got your last Newsletter with Very Valuable Information. Specilly of my interest is about PYREG System.

    I would like to analyse with You the posibility of Developping Projects here in Dominican and Haití for Slage management and Energy production. In Dominican There are MANY Tourist Resourts facing BIG Problems with both, Slage mantener and High Cost of Energy.

    If You and me can elaborate a Good Project proposal for Slage management and Energy production, I can bring that proposal to the Highest level, the President of the country. Your Benefit would be Permanent participation of ITHAKA Institute in the Implementation of such Project.

    Hope I can Motivate your interest in helpping to solve two Big Problems in a Small Country

    Best regards, Luis Rosado

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